The Suunto 7 is a multi-functional sport watch



The Suunto 7 is a multi-functional sport watch for running. It’s perfect for runners who are looking for a sports watch which tracks their daily activities, and encourages and motivates them to reach their daily goals. The multisport watch has been tested in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the Gorilla Glass lens and the use of durable, high-quality materials the watch withstands scratches and impacts. The Suunto 7 is a sports watch specially built for intensive trainings in rough and challenging conditions, but the watch is also stylish enough to wear as a casual watch.


GPS and Navigation
The integrated GPS function accurately measures where you are. The GPS function is connected with GLONASS and GALILEO satellite signals. It measures your speed and rhythm, and the distance of your runs. The Suunto 7 features pre-programmed outdoor maps which guide you through your routes. To ensure that you don’t always have to bring your phone, these routes are also available when you’re offline. The Heatmaps function gives you access to the most popular routes of 15 different activities. Choose your activity, find your route and get out there.

Heart Rate and Functions
The Suunto 7 measures your heart rate through its advanced wrist-based heart rate monitor. The watch doesn’t just measure your sport performances, such as your heart rate, your VO2Max and the improvements you’re making, but also tracks your daily activities like sleeping rythm, stress level and recovery moments. The watch of course also features the basic activity tracking functions like steps counter and calories burned. The sports watch features 70 pre-programmed sports profiles; sports such as running, cycling, swimming and fitness are of course present among these. Connect your headphones with your phone and operate your music with your watch via the Spotify application.

Operating System
The Suunto 7 operates on Google operating system Wear OS. It allows you to completely personalise your watch. Thanks to this operating system you can install apps through the Google Play store. Apps like Strava, Spotify, Google Assistant, Google Fit and Google keep are easily added to your watch. Through a WiFi connection your sports watch will always be up to date through the automatic software updates. Next to all the already mentioned benefits, the watch also features a new and safer version of Google Pay. This app allows you to make payments with your Suunto 7 sports watch.

The battery of the Suunto 7 lasts up to 48 hours in smartwatch mode. In GPS tracking mode the battery lasts up to 12 hours, making the watch very suitable for endurance athletes who train extreme distances. Through smartphone notification you will always be up to date. The watch is waterproof down to 50 metres.


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